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Motor Sailor Ketch 45 Feet 

595 000 DKK
Motor Sailor Ketch 45 Feet
Michael Staufeldt
Liable agent
Year of production: 1982
Location: Stubbekøbing
Manufacturer: Erik Larsen
Price  595 000 DKK / 840 676 SEK / 79 979 EURO

All Images Print Equipment List Carl Nissen 45 fods One Off - 1982 Udstyrsliste Carl Nissen 45 fods One Off - 1982


This fantastic 45 foot steel ketch has been handed over to its new owner who initially will continue cruising in the Baltics prior to tthe start of the grand voyage.

Should you require more information in English regarding this object, please contact responsible agent: Michael Staufeldt, e-mail:, phone: +45 21 48 88 80

Carl Nissen designed 45 feet One Off steel motorsailor junke rigged for world travel and all year round on board living.

This incredibly well-equipped and well-built One Off steel ketch with Junk Rig is now available. The boat was originally designed by Carl Nissen and originally built as a 33-foot ketch and later in 1999 further extended by 10 feet and at the same time rigged into a Ketch Rigged Junk with a bowsprit.


The boat is built in steel according to all complying rules having a compliant Tonnage Certificate from the Danish Maritime Authorities and has been insulated throughout with PU Foam which means, that no moisture gets to the steel itself from the inside of the ship and thus preventing rust to develop. Additionally, this insulation provides a smooth surface under the flooring, which is easy to keep clean and hence allows dry stowage of goods and provisions where it is best stored – under the floor very low in the ship.


The Junk Rig is ideal in combination with a motor sailor. It allows for pure sailing 100% for sail with the extremely simple handling of the Junk Rig, just as it works well in combination to running on engine, thereby providing extra speed and ensuring economical propulsion while using the engine. Read more about this rig type HERE


The ship was built by the current owner and was initially in its original shape well equipped, but during its lengthening in 1999 the outfit got an upgrade to the current absolutely fantastic décor with a huge pantry/kitchen amidship in connection with the large dining/living area. The accommodation is ideal for long-term cruising for 2, but also as a year-round residence afloat, as there is waterborne central heating throughout the ship.


Everything on deck is made for simple handling without the need for electric winches and other uses of electrical power. The anchor is operated by the large windlass with 5:1 leverage, just as both sails and dinghy are operated by large and simple winches, all made of stainless steel. Further an Aries Windvane ads to sailing handsfree without the need of power for an autopilot.


It is easy and safe to move around the deck with its high toerail and railing, and for keeping navigating watch and to relax, there is a permanently covered raised cockpit with good seats and good 360 deg views. To ensure enough electrical domestic power on board, the boat is equipped with both solar cells and a wind turbine to charge the batteries on the long journey or at the anchorage.


The boat has been continuously maintained and upgraded, and in 2011 it was given a new engine that ensures efficient and reliable propulsion for many years to come.

You enter the deck saloon via a safe drop from the poop deck, and here there is a lounge arrangement with nice leather seats that are not only comfortable for seating, but also practical when entering with wet clothing. Here you sit warm and dry under shelter, should the weather become a little rough, as it is also possible to navigate the boat from here.

From the deck saloon you either go into the kitchen-day room area or you go aft down into the large and spacious aft cabin with double berth and direct access to the ship's heads and bath, as well as to the cozy workplace to starboard.


The pantry/kitchen area is an experience, and here you have all the space you need to make the simple or the large feast meals while at the same time remaining in contact with the guests in the large saloon area. The area of the saloon is even large enough to construct a separate forecabin relatively simply with two berths, should you so wish.

Non smoking boat, perfect for liveaboard and otherwise full ready to go!


Have a look at the detailed equipment list in the pdf above and please contact the broker for any further information.


You will also be able to look at the boat in 360 deg pictures at our virtual boatshow



LOA:                45' (13m72).

Bream:            3.30 m,

Draft:              1.90 m,

Displacement. 21 tons (approx.)

Engine:           Beta Marine 60 HP, FV, hours: 808,1 time

Fuel:                Approx 1000 ltr, shared between daytank 160 ltr and two main tanks of 420 ltr each.

Water:            700 ltr (approx.), shared between 4 tanks

Holdingtank: 60 liter (approx.)

Grey water:   15 ltr head and 13 ltr pantry. All stainless steel.


+45 21 48 88 80

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